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The Challenge

CISOs and their teams are realizing that they don’t have the visibility they require, even after investing in multiple platforms. 
They are running half-blind, and have no way to tell, at a glance, their defensive security posture. 
Is risk within a region, a cloud provider, or a server workload less or greater than yesterday, and why? 
Not a great position to be in given the sophistication and frequency of attack.

Got CyberPosture?

Your CyberPosture is a real-time score of your security posture across your hybrid infrastructure, both that of your cloud accounts, as well as your workloads/servers. The score spans on-premise, private, and public clouds. Think of it as a credit rating, but for security.

Cavirin is easily deployed, based on an agentless architecture that speeds discovery, and offers single click assessments and remediation. You’ll immediately recognize and be able to prioritize corrective actions to bring you back to your security baseline, your ‘golden posture.’

Get started with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, a playbook for best security practices. Sign up for a free trial to assess your own infrastructure, on-premise, or within the cloud. Get actionable remediation guidance and take corrective actions, before the bad guys find a way in!

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Does My Infrastructure Measure-Up?

  • Do you know the security posture of your critical workloads, across your on-premise and cloud deployments?
  • Do you know the posture of your cloud accounts and services?
  • Can you check your posture instantly, and compare it against your desired 'golden posture'?
  • Do you then have actionable guidance to make any corrections?

Check for Yourself!

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Is Your Company at Risk of a Breach?

If you could determine the cyber breach risk for your entire hybrid infrastructure (on-premise servers, multi-clouds, VM, and containers) using a simple, single and accurate score, would you?  What if with that score you received offered prescriptive remediation guidance so that you and/or your team members could take immediate action to further protect your organization from a cyber attack? 

Much like a “Credit Rating,” Cavirin’s CyberPosture score combines multiple factors into providing you a real-time view of your overall cybersecurity risk posture.  Check out our latest whitepaper for all the details and what it means to get and understand your cybersecurity posture score.  

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