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Why Cavirin

CyberPosture Intelligence for Hybrid Environments

Cavirin CyberPosture Intelligence combines automated discovery, monitoring, infrastructure risk scoring, assessment, and remediation, helping organizations of all sizes leverage the cost savings and agility of the cloud without increasing operational risk or reducing their security posture.  The Cavirin solution is deployable on-premise and/or within AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure--securing the public cloud account posture as well as server workloads, both VM and container—a method that eliminates the gaps and risks inherent with current approaches.  Read below for some of Cavirin's industry-leading capabilities.

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Learn how our machine learning driven closed-loop security and compliance solution will strengthen your organization's cybersecurity posture.

Continuous Risk & Cybersecurity Posture Management

When migrating to the cloud, security and visibility are the main concerns for C-level executives. Cavirin offers a centralized solution allowing you to discover and monitor all your resources and stay on top of any risk related issues that are discovered, simplifying training and saving money.  

Integrating Auto-Remediation & Security into the DevOps Process

Bridging the gap between DevOps and SecOps, Cavirin injects security into the DevOps process – development, staging, and deployment – through CI/CD integration and auto-remediation of both compute instances and cloud services.

Automated Compliance Management

Cavirin removes security compliance as a barrier to cloud adoption by automating with the broadest set of customizable frameworks, benchmarks, and guidelines available. Our solution's flexibility allows you to craft your own combinations of benchmarks and set risk levels, enabling enterprises to move critical compliance workloads to the cloud with confidence.

81% of enterprises have adopted a multi-cloud strategy


77% identify security as a barrier to adoption


75% of IT pros lack visibility into their hybrid clouds


Why Cavirin


Cloud service provider independence via rich API integration guarantees flexible deployment on-premise, within AWS, Azure, or GCP, and as a SaaS offering.

Hybrid Cloud Security - Flexibility
hybrid cloud security - easy to deploy

Ease of Deployment & Use

Deploy on-premise or within the cloud in under 10 minutes, and receive first assessments in under 30. If SaaS, provisioning is almost immediate. A wizard-based discovery and assessment workflow removes the training barrier.


Expand to the largest enterprises and MSSPs with a scale-out micro-services architecture. Perform workload deep discovery with unparalleled speed.

hybrid cloud security that scales
extensive security coverage for hybrid cloud infrastructure

Coverage & Extensibility

Risk security and compliance resulting from the broadest set of frameworks (NIST, DISA, etc.), benchmarks (CIS OS, cloud, Kubernetes, and Docker), and guidelines (SOC, ISO, GDPR, PCI, HIPAA) across OSs and networks. This is coupled with wide cloud account security capabilities and policy customization through Cavirin’s Domain Specific Language.

Open APIs

Easily integrate into your other business critical applications and platforms using the rich set of RESTful APIs from Cavirin. Automate DevOps security through CI/CD integration.

Security platform with open APIs
cloud security monitoring


A monitoring engine aggregates and filters data from multiple sources, such as AWS CloudTrail and container runtime monitoring. This results in clearer and more actionable data passed to the user.

Predictive Analytics

Moving you from reactive to preventive. Improve results through data analytics and anomaly detection. Predict events and provide recommendations for auto remediation.

predictive analytics in a hybrid cloud infrastructure
Deep discovery in hybrid cloud infrastructure

Patented Deep Discovery

Patented and agentless design to assess characteristics of servers, applications, and other devices in a multi-vendor hybrid infrastructure.

Your CyberPosture Score Whitepaper

Single and accurate view into their cybersecurity posture.

Armed with visibility, Cavirin continuously assesses the security posture of all managed cloud services and workloads to compute a CyberPosture score, a number between 0 and 100. A score of 100 represents the least risk. The cybersecurity posture of an organization refers to its overall cybersecurity strength. This expresses the relative security of your IT estate, particularly as it relates to the internet and its vulnerability to outside threats. This whitepaper dives into why enterprises need a CyberPosture Score. Current approaches to scoring and their requirements. And what a CyberPosture score includes.

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