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Secure Cloud Migration

Don't stumble when migrating to the cloud

Don't Stumble When Migrating to
a Hybrid Cloud

Security, Compliance, and Visibility are Must Haves For Cloud Migration

Cost, efficiency, and business agility are all reasons why companies migrate to the cloud, but data security, compliance, and cloud-provider lock-in are why companies hesitate. Cavirin has built its CyberPosture Intelligence, to not only address the requirements in the shared responsibility model but to augment the security capabilities provided by the top public cloud providers (AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure). We continually assess and monitor your critical workloads and cloud services, informing you of any gaps in your cybersecurity posture so you may take immediate remediation action.

Move to the cloud with confidence

The Challenges

  • Concerns about compliance and risk posture post cloud migration or adopting multiple public clouds.
  • Lack of visibility into what’s going on across your hybrid enterprise.
  • Integration into your current IT environment.
  • Investment in traditional perimeter-based security tools, do not protect hybrid cloud workloads.
  • Automation of manual compliance processes.
  • Management of multiple sets of security tools, providing conflicting guidance.
  • A full understanding of "each" cloud provider's Shared Responsibility Model. 
  • Reducing the attack surface through OS hardening.
  • A consistent defensive security posture scoring system spreading across multiple clouds.


cloud migration challenges
Midsize and large organizations that will adopt a multi-cloud and/or hybrid IT strategy by 2021 (Gartner)75%
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The Cavirin Solution

  • A solution that automatically discovers and assess your hybrid cloud environment with no agents and no software to install on endpoints.
  • Continuous monitoring of security baseline against frameworks and best practices that include PCI, HIPAA, NIST, AWS hardening, as well as Patches and Vulnerabilities.
  • API-first architecture seamlessly integrates with other on-premise applications as well as SaaS and cloud services.
  • Continuous visibility and notifications to keep you updated on any changes in your security posture score so you can immediately take corrective action.
  • A single unified view of a hybrid cloud environment.
  • Wizard-based discovery, assessment, and remediation.


Benefits of Cavirin

    • Continous visibility and notifications, as you move to the cloud, to keep you updated on any changes in your security posture score so you can immediately take corrective action.
    • Through automation and customization, via the broadest set of customizable frameworks, benchmarks, and guidelines, security compliance is no longer a barrier to cloud adoption.
    • A central CISO Dashboard depicts exactly what organizations have at each moment and where they are located. Providing you the ability to analyze trends and drill down into scores by asset group, environment, policy pack, cloud service, operating systems, and individual resources to pinpoint risk and prioritize remediation plans.
    • Immediately detect and correct configuration drift from your baseline security posture allows you the ability to deploy your apps and services more quickly with confidence.
    • Secure agentless cloud migration with multi-cloud deployments providing you the ability to scale up or down your public cloud usage--on AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud--without losing visibility.

Flexibility is key to many of Cavirin's cloud migration clients. The short amount of time it takes to bring a company's hybrid environment, with inherited security tools and scripts, into a single and accurate view.

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