Cavirin’s Automated Risk Analysis Platform (ARAP)

Cavirin’s Automated Risk Analysis Platform (ARAP) is a purpose-built agent-less solution that deploys quickly to on-premise, cloud, and containerized infrastructures. Read More about ARAP

As enterprises migrate their IT workloads and applications to the cloud, the resulting hybrid infrastructures create greater complexity and increased cost for security and compliance teams.  Needing to provide risk assessment, policy compliance, and board level reporting has become increasingly critical to business operations. Cavirin's Automated Risk Analysis Platform (ARAP) provides transparency over configuration and transaction aspects of IT risk, helping organizations reduce complexity and become more agile. Automation drives dramatic increases in efficiency for both risk and compliance programs. Leveraging continuous visibility and automated assessments, companies are empowered to make the right decisions faster.

Agentless Discovery

Lightweight agentless discovery of data center and cloud resources from physical, logical, and virtual resources, provides a unified, near real-time view of assets and their configuration state

Continuous Monitoring

Continuously discovers, monitors, and tracks the state of IT assets providing a superior alternative to periodic, snapshot in time audits that may not expose policy violations until it’s too late

Automated Assessment and Reporting

Automates compliance reporting and on-demand risk assessments of operational, regulatory and security policies against frameworks and best-practice benchmarks

Broad Policy Support

Policies are available for all major compliance and best practice frameworks, including NIST 800-53 R4, PCI DSS 3.2, HIPAA HiTech, ISO 27002, NIST Cyber Security Framework, CIS CSC 6.1, SOC 2 2016, CIS Benchmarks, and DISA STIGs. Cavirin Security and Compliance can adapt any security standard or framework to align with evidence gathered through the Security Content Automation (SCAP) or Scripted Policy Framework process.

Cavirin provides security and compliance across physical, public, and hybrid clouds, supporting AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, VMware, KVM, and Docker.


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