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Compliance Automation

Cloud deployments move too quickly to rely on manual processes for compliance assessments. Cavirin automates these processes, across complex hybrid infrastructures and against the broadest set of frameworks (NIST, DISA, etc.), benchmarks (CIS OS, cloud, and Docker), and guidelines (SOC, ISO, GDPR, PCI, HIPAA). By automating compliance, organizations are increasing their operational efficiency and saving hundreds of man-hours previously dedicated to manual processes.

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Organizations that lack the time and resources to mitigate all of their digital vulnerabilities (Ponemon Institute)67%

Secure Cloud Migration

Cost, efficiency, and business agility are all reasons why companies migrate to the cloud, but data security, compliance, and cloud-provider lock-in are why companies hesitate. Cavirin has built its CyberPosture Intelligence, to not only address the requirements in the shared responsibility model but to augment the security capabilities provided by the top public cloud providers (AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure). We continually assess and monitor your critical workloads and cloud services, informing you of any gaps in your cybersecurity posture so you may take immediate remediation action.

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Midsize and large organizations that will adopt a multi-cloud and/or hybrid IT strategy by 2021 (Gartner)75%

Multi-Cloud Visibility

One of the biggest concerns of multi-cloud or hybrid cloud infrastructures is the security gaps caused by disconnected environments. Managing your organizations' vulnerabilities becomes a manual and disjointed process, as you piecemeal together the data from various IT and compliance tools. Cavirin’s centralized solution, easily integrates with your organization’s IT software, allowing you to discover and manage all your resources through a single, unified view that includes CyberPosture scoring and the ability to drill down to further assess and manage your security risks across all your clouds.

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Believe lack of visibility across all IT asset types constitutes a challenge to their cybersecurity posture (Ponemon Institute)60%

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