Security Assessment and Remediation Solutions

When it comes to security and compliance, Cavirin recognizes that different organizations have different needs. That is why our security assessment and remediation solutions were built to address the requirements of today’s businesses, industries and environments.


Cavirin’s security assessment and remediation solutions were built to fit your particular business. Whether your are an Enterprise or Mid-Market organization, or your company is built on SaaS solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Enterprise Assessment and Remediation


Cavirin’s security assessment and remediation solution provides enterprises the ability to to de-risk and automate cloud migrations using continuous discovery and monitoring with unprecedented visibility. 
Mid-size Company Assessment and Remediation


Cavirin’s security assessment and remediation solution permits mid-size organizations to reduce their attack surface, harden their OSs, and immediately detect drift from policy baselines without the cost of additional equipment or manpower.
Mid-size Company Assessment and Remediation


Many of today’s companies that are looking to reduce their upfront security expenses and get up and running quickly can take advantage of Cavirin’s SaaS-based assessment and remediation solution. 


Cavirin solutions support security benchmarks and compliance regulations across cloud, on-premise, containerized, and hybrid infrastructures. Our security management platform is integrated with AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Docker.

Cavirin for AWS


Cavirin implements the latest Center for Information Security (CIS) Amazon AWS Benchmarks and enables assessment of elastic assets that move throughout Amazon’s EC2 infrastructure.
Cavirin for Microsoft Azure


Cavirin supports asset discovery and continuous analysis in support of OS Hardening across Azure for both Linux and Windows workloads. 
Cavirin for Google Cloud Platform


Cavirin offers continuous security compliance across the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with the availability of asset discovery and CIS OS hardening standards
Cavirin for Docker


Integrating the CIS Docker v1.11.0 Benchmark, Cavirin provides prescriptive guidance for establishing a secure configuration posture for Docker containers.


Painful annual and quarterly audit sprints become a thing of the past. Cavirin's Security Management Solutions integrate and report results using today's current CIS Security Benchmarks and compliance regulation guidelines.

Assessment and Remediation for HIPAA Compliance


Cavirin’s platform continuously monitors on-site and cloud-agnostic virtual environments, with the automation critical to balance limited manpower, and provides prescriptive remediation guidance to ensure HIPAA compliance.
Continuous security for Retail/E-commerce

Retail / E-Commerce

Cavirin’s continuous security solution first ensures that the organization’s workloads, either on-premise or in the cloud, are conforming to the different CIS, NIST, ISO/IEC, and SOC2 frameworks as well as PCI DSS 3.2 to improve security posture and maintain compliance.
Providing quicker and more accurate ways of issuing cyber liability policies


Cavirin's Continuous Security Assessment and Remediation Platform provides quicker and more accurate ways of issuing cyber liability policies, more accurate security benchmarking.

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Cavirin provides security management across physical, public, and hybrid clouds, supporting AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, VMware, KVM, and Docker.



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