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Cloud-agnostic, Pulsar supports real-time security monitoring

Pulsar takes Cavirin’s successful ARAP to the next level of scale, automation, and interoperability, performing security compliance over large, complex IT infrastructures.  Cloud-agnostic, multi-tenant, physical or virtual, Pulsar supports real-time security monitoring and offers continuous risk assessments of infrastructure hosted on AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. It also supports private clouds running on VMware and other forms of virtualization such as KVM and OpenStack, as well as containers.  Since it is agentless, Pulsar is capable of running trusted, deep security scans across distributed infrastructures regardless of the topology.

Pulsar’s next generation UI

Pulsar’s next generation UI is built from the ground up keeping simplicity and intuitive use in mind, so that complex security scans, and compliance assessment runs can be setup, run, and managed with a few simple mouse clicks. Its comprehensive dashboard visualizes these scan results, highlighting the security and compliance posture of the infrastructure, including the historical trends, for easy assessment by CIOs and CISOs

Risk Signaling Engine

Pulsar’s APIs are designed from the ground up to be DevOps friendly, offering a rich set of RESTful APIs that may be utilized by security teams to integrate into other business critical applications and platforms within the enterprise. This is coupled with an open, eco-system platform architecture, while its “Risk Signaling Engine” is envisioned to be a hyper-plane endpoint to provide a total, integrated visibility of security & compliance posture. It provides an automated way to invoke remediation workflows against identified security/compliance deviations.

Dynamically curated policy packs

Pulsar is packaged with a large set of comprehensive, dynamically curated policy packs that help security conscious IT organizations to be automatically up-to-date and current on infrastructure/application risk assessments across multiple security benchmarks such as CIS and DISA as well as vertical regulatory standards including PCI and HIPAA.  Its extensible policy framework supports both attributed and authored additions.

Pulsar Introduction

Cavirin provides security and compliance across physical, public, and hybrid clouds, supporting AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, VMware, KVM, and Docker.


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