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Managing Cloud Resources Effectively Requires Native Tagging

For those of you who run your IT and business computing infrastructure on the Amazon Public Cloud (AWS), the concept of “tagging” is not new. Tagging is a grouping mechanism in AWS, that allows the organization of your cloud resources under user-friendly labels for easy identification. For example, a major healthcare corporation could create groups of cloud resources and label them with tags such as “patient info”, ”billing”, and “patient notifications” and assign dedicated workloads.


Targeting Resources by Compliance or Risk Conversation

For businesses that care about security and “standards compliance” posture of their infrastructure, the same set of resources will need to be grouped and labelled differently, especially for the purpose of targeting the resources according to their compliance scans. We, at Cavirin, are pleased to announce the support for AWS Cloud Native Tags as of the ARAP 8.3.2 version.

Security aware AWS cloud users can now use ARAP for scanning resources that are creatively tagged for identifying their resources as compliance groups. For example, the healthcare company described above can regroup the same resources under different tags such as “HIPAA Runs” and “PCI Runs” respectively based on the compliance scan needs against standards of HIPAA and PCI DSS respectively. ARAP’s agentless architecture, at the time of cloud discovery, can bring in these tags-based grouping information from AWS, and target these groups for compliance runs against specific authority documents. Compliance reports can also be generated independently for the same tag-based groups separately. For more information and to arrange for an evaluation, contact Cavirin today


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