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The Center for Internet Security (CIS) Kubernetes Security Benchmark 1.8

The CIS Benchmark for Kubernetes 1.8 release continues to bring security enhancements to the core orchestration platform. The CIS Kubernetes community has been busy working on refreshing the benchmark to align with the new released features and narrow the gap between the announcement of the GA version of the product and the benchmark release. Download your copy of the benchmark from the CIS website today (NOTE:  Actual benchmark title aligned to the new release is ‘CIS Kubernetes Benchmark v1.2.0).

This version of the benchmark has undergone significant changes. The most awaited and subtle change is that the entire benchmark is re-factored to consider kubeadm based deployments. Kubeadm is increasingly becoming the developer’s choice of deployment rather than individual installation of various Kubernetes components. This standardization also helps any other deployment mechanisms to map and adopt the procedures easily.

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