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As we get ready to head east next week to Boston and the HIMMS Cybersecurity Forum, download our new infographic covering the less than excellent state of HIPAA in America.   From multiple analysts and interviews, the key takeaway is that the healthcare rates a ‘C’ in security.   The industry must improve today’s state of affairs where the sector has had more incidents of breaches than any other sector critical to the economy, the personal health data (ePHI) of almost half of US residents have been compromised, and the resulting non-covered impact to these victims is $30B or more.  Looking back, the implementation of electronic health records was to help streamline care, but in fact interconnectivity and poor practices have helped the hackers are well.   The theft of ePHI also opens the door to persistent identity theft, since a social security number can’t be replaced as easy as a credit card.  On a larger scale, the total cost of a breach isn’t limited to the impact on the patient alone.  Once revealed, the organization is subject to fines, increased oversight, and damage to its brand.


ISO/IEC 27002:2013 Information technology -- Security techniques -- Code of practice for information security controls

You might think that implementing an ISO 27002 ISMS program is fairly straight forward, and even an easy sell to the business and supporting enterprise.  After all, Information Security is defined by the the C-I-A triad, the most well-known model for security policy development.  Who can resist a tried and true C-I-A triad?

“If your company currently uses third party vendors to provide services that include the collection, processing and/or retention of sensitive information, you should consider inquiring into whether they have successfully completed a SOC 2 Type 2 audit, as it helps to ensure a higher standard for protecting your data.” Jeanne Madden, Vice President Operations, ADP Tax Credit Services

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