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Reflections on RSA and Cavirin CyberPosture Intelligence



That’s all I can say after last week’s very successful (in the eye of the writer), very crowded (50,000 in a construction zone?), and sometimes overwhelming (parties?) RSA. Anyone in attendance would agree that the intensity, the depth of conversation, and even the innovation was a step up from previous years.  But so was the angst.  Read on!

At Cavirin, we introduced CyberPosture Intelligence to the world, along with an accompanying survey on hybrid cloud security that speaks to the necessity and timeliness of our approach.  As a reminder, CyberPosture Intelligence:

  • Provides actionable intelligence for the CISO and stakeholders to take control by delivering continuous risk, cybersecurity, and compliance management across hybrid environments.
  • Offers continuous compliance for the hybrid cloud and eliminates the gaps and risks inherent with current approaches.
  • Secures both the public cloud control plane as well as target hybrid cloud workloads (servers), on-premise, within the public cloud, and within containers.

This last point is especially important, given the need to protect critical workloads in the cloud. Having a solution that only looks at the servers, or the cloud account itself, leaves you half-blind, half-protected. You need real ‘situational awareness’ where you’re immediately made aware of any drift from your ‘golden posture’ and, from there, can take appropriate action. 

At the same time, you need a simple deployment based on a technology-agnostic solution that delivers as close to single click scoring as practical, contrasting with multiple stove-piped tools, manual processes, and point-in-time assessments.  An approach that cuts through the noise to offer real, actionable guidance to protect the hybrid cloud, 24x7.

Similarly, a well-developed GDPR plan should be put in place for implementation. On May 25, the GDPR regulation will officially take effect in the EU, inevitably impacting companies beyond those borders.  According to a recent survey released by Cloud Security Alliance at RSA “31 percent of companies have well-defined plans for meeting GDPR compliance, 85 percent have something in place, and 73 percent have begun executing that plan.”

Ultimately, we want the CISO to achieve business outcomes that reverse what is a disturbing trend, where additional security investments don’t necessarily make things better. Reversing a reality that had Cisco’s SVP of security, John Stewart, lamenting the fact that 3.5 million security jobs will go unfilled in the coming years.  He concluded with the statement ‘we are completely screwed.’   Well, let us help un-screw things!

Check here for some of the great coverage we’ve received on our CyberPosture strategy and how it fits into current security conversations across different verticals and geos.


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