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Secure and Fast

Secure and Fast - 5G Security

Cavirin, Accedian, and Quali Enabling More Secure and Visible 5G Deployments

5G deployments introduce additional security and performance concerns, along with the need to effectively model the infrastructure before deployment. At the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Cavirin is pleased to be included within Accedian’s and Quali’s, ‘Secure and Fast,’ a solution that addresses these sometimes conflicting requirements and embraces DevSecOps.

Secure and Fast - 5G Security

First, consider the diverse 5G use cases, spanning high-bandwidth fixed connectivity, low-power remote sensor networks and even low-latency autonomous vehicles. In order to effectively validate these use cases, the network must be effectively modeled long before deployment, and one way to accomplish this is via what Quali terms ‘Environments-as-a Service,’ or EaaS. This modeling spans the network, content, data, and applications, ultimately positively impacting the Quality of Experience for 5G subscribers.

One way to look at it is a twin to the public or private cloud, where developers, testers, and ops interact with the environment from the perspective of management, monitoring, provisioning, and configuration as if they were operating on an actual deployment. This is then paired with Cavirin’s ‘CyberPosture Intelligence’ and Accedian’s ‘Complete Visibility.’ Note that these are only two of the potential DevOps automation tools, spanning security, coding, and load/performance, that could in the future add to the solution.

Secure and Fast - 5G Security

Cavirin’s role within Secure and Fast is to address the security challenges facing 5G rollouts, including general cybersecurity threats and data breaches, as well as more specific requirements such as addressing security vulnerabilities, regulatory compliance, and data privacy. This is paired with Accedian SkyLIGHT PVX, designed to address visibility challenges that include performance, application responsiveness, as well as workflow analytics and efficiency. Quali, as depicted in the figure below, effectively models various aspects of the proposed deployment, including the different tools, clouds, applications, networks, and finally, devices.


Secure and Fast - 5G Security


For the operator, Cavirin will deliver a security and compliance vulnerability score, while Accedian’s contribution is a network and application performance score.  These scores, coupled with Quali EaaS, will permit organizations to simplify application and cloud rollouts, automate and expedite deployment processes, validate cybersecurity postures, and gain visibility into resource usage and potential performance impacts.  The advantage is that this all takes place in a replicable and secure sandbox environment before going ‘live’ with any changes or updates. 

Benefits to both enterprises and service providers are many-fold, and include:

  • Faster delivery of physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure for new products and services
  • Real-time monitoring of application performance and transaction times across multi-cloud environments
  • Ability to pinpoint the root-causes of performance degradations
  • Comprehensive visibility into the impact of the overall system security posture
  • Risk-free, lab-as-a-service tests of SDN and 5G network slices 

Secure & Fast will be demonstrated at Mobile World Congress Feb 25-29 in Barcelona and during RSA March 4-8 in San Francisco--Read the press release. To book a meeting or to express interest in trialing this new solution, please visit  



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