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Most people find stories like the Uber snooping lawsuit pretty unsettling.  If you heard nothing of this but the accusation of Uber's use of "God View" as explained in a recent series of articles by Forbes , it is important to know that Uber collected customer and employee information, and used that information in a manner that was well outside of reasonable use by the standards of California Privacy Legislation.

“Exhibit A contains customer data collected by Defendant and constitutes Defendant’s confidential, proprietary, and private information about its users — the very existence, content, and form of which are of extreme competitive sensitivity to Defendant in that they demonstrate what data Defendant considers important enough to capture, how that data is stored and organized, and could, individually or in the aggregate, provide Defendant’s competitors with insights into how Defendant views, analyzes and executes certain aspects of its business,” Uber wrote in a court filing.

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