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CyberPosture Intelligence for the Hybrid Cloud

We provide actionable intelligence for the CISO and stakeholders to take control by delivering continuous risk, cybersecurity, and compliance management across hybrid environments, eliminating gaps and risks inherent in current approaches.

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Real-time Risk and Security Posture Management

When migrating to the cloud, security and visibility are the main concerns for C-level executives. We use an agentless approach to discover, assess, and help remediate both your cloud accounts - AWS, Azure, and GCP - and workloads - on-premise, cloud, and container - and stay on top of any risk related issues that are discovered.

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Automated DevOps Security for Hybrid Environments

Bridging the gap between DevOps and SecOps, our security workflow helps SecOps automate security and compliance during code development, staging, and deployment.

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Compliance Management for the Hybrid Enterprise

We remove security compliance as a barrier to cloud adoption by delivering 'one-click' compliance across the broadest set of frameworks, benchmarks, and guidelines available today.

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